Frequently Asked Questions

Car Hauling Terminal Delivery: 

You car will be shipped from its location to your location, without the need for a Terminal, unless the location is

too small for a truck to drop off your vehicle at its destination. Every terminal we work with is fully licensed and insured. Terminal shipping is a cost saving option when compared to door to door delivery.

Non Running Car Shipping:

Rolling, Breaking, and steering: these are the requirements for cars to be shipped.

Additional fees will apply if your car can’t do one of those three.

Book Your Auto Transport Ahead Of Your Schedule:

Allow 2 weeks for your car to be shipped. You will generally get a cheaper rate if you schedule

your car moving in advance so that our car carriers are able to arrange pick up and delivery.

For an additional fee, certain shipping and pickup dates can be arranged.

Determine The Cost Of Shipping Your Car, Its Easy: 

There are several factors that affect auto shipping prices. We have to determine if you would like to ship door to door or terminal to terminal. Once this is figured out then you have to decide if you would like to enclose the vehicle or ship it in an open carrier. Open transport is generally about 1/3rd less expensive. Open transport is used about 90% of the time. Contact your carrier to get the most up to date car shipping rates.

Yes, size does matter!

Of Course, shipping is based upon the size and weight of a vehicle, the size of your car that is being transported is very important.

Car Transport Time and Delivery Schedules:

East to West is usually 5-10 days. North to South is about 4-8 days. Current weather conditions, time of the year, and location of the transport can also be factors

Car Shipping Insurance:

All car carriers must carry two forms of insurance 1. Liability Insurance – This policy will cover any damages due to driver error. All our drivers have $1,000,000 worth of liability insurance. 2. Cargo Insurance – This policy covers scratches and dents in the car moving process. All our auto shipping drivers have a minimum of $50,000 coverage per car in cargo insurance as required by the “D.O.T.” depending on what is being shipped on our trucks, many of our carriers have higher coverage amounts. We will math your shipment with the appropriate level of coverage